dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Route 66 files to share

Hello dear reader,

You found this side because you are looking for gps data to do route 66.

Well you are correct. I drove route 66 two times on a motor cycle. And I made the files my selves for a TomTom Urban Rider and a Garmin Zumo 660.

All TomTom files can be used on a TomTom that can handle ITN files. So called itinerary planning that TomTom use with a maximum of 49 point to visit. I uses them also in a TomTom 930 in our car in 2010.

The files for garmin are in GPX format. Many gps systems can use this format. I used them in the Garmin Zumo and also in the Garmin Nuvi 3790.

First how to get the files. The TomTom and Garmin files I used in 2013 you can find by just on click on route 66 2013 files

The files for Garmin I updated with every point I wanted to visit in 2015 and there after until October 2016. These files you can also have with one click on route 66 2016 files

How to transfer the files to a GPS system is a question I had several times. Well there are two ways of working. First if the system can be used as a usb drive like my TomTom Rider or my Garmin Zumo then you can make it easy.

Copy for a TomTom the files to the map ITN in the Rider like you see in the picture. These are the current files on my TomTom Urban Rider.

After putting the files the you have to go into the menu of the TomTom to load the file into the route planning and you can drive the route. Every time a point it reached the planner will mark it as visited. So you do not have to load every day a new file. Just continue to the end and then load the next one.
Question, just asked them.

This you can also do with a Garmin. But the you have to place the files in the GPS directory of the garmin. Like you see on the picture of my Garmin Zumo.

Here also you have to load the files in the Garmin. My Zumo 660 always sees that new files are in the map GPX and will automatic go to the import function of the Zumo.  You have to import the route files. Do that one by one to avoid import problems.

Also a Garmin can drive the Route 66 without any problem. You do not have to load a file every day. Just continu the route you were doing to the end. If the question is asked should the system go to the starting point answer no and the system will continue the route.

I am now working also a route files day by day as I drove them. This because not all people are that good in how to use a GPS system. They will be available soon

For those people that have not the insight of how to handle files there is a very good help in TyreToTravel from Michel Hagen. Or  use MyRouteApp also from Michel Hagen. Both programs will do the job to show you the Route 66 files in Google Maps or if you are member of MyrouteApp in Garmin or TomTom or even Michelin Maps.

Yes, I use this program to make my files, check my files, compare my files in maps and I am very fond of both of them. So use them as member!

With this program you can edit the route and copy them to every connected GPS system that can handle working with routeplanning. I say this because the are system that can not do this like the TomTom One XL serie ( I own a TomTom One XL550 bought in the USA too). Only very well informed people can make this system do ITN files.

Look at the picture of TyreToTravel. You see the first part of the route 66 file in gpx format. I connected my new TomTom Rider410 to the system. And yes, this GPS system has world maps and free live time updates for my motorcycle. And Tyre can handle this one too. And also a car TomTom like a Go60 can work now with TyreToTravel in coordination with Mydrive from TomTom.