dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Route 66 files to share

Hello dear reader,

You found this side because you are looking for gps data to do route 66.

Well you are correct. I drove route 66 two times on a motor cycle. And I made the files my selves for a TomTom Urban Rider and a Garmin Zumo 660.

All TomTom files can be used on a TomTom that can handle ITN files. So called itinerary planning that TomTom use with a maximum of 49 point to visit. I uses them also in a TomTom 930 in our car in 2010.

The files for garmin are in GPX format. Many gps systems can use this format. I used them in the Garmin Zumo and also in the Garmin Nuvi 3790.

First how to get the files. The TomTom and Garmin files I used in 2013 you can find by just on click on route 66 2013 files

The files for Garmin I updated with every point I wanted to visit in 2015 and there after until October 2016. These files you can also have with one click on route 66 2016 files

How to transfer the files to a GPS system is a question I had several times. Well there are two ways of working. First if the system can be used as a usb drive like my TomTom Rider or my Garmin Zumo then you can make it easy.

Copy for a TomTom the files to the map ITN in the Rider like you see in the picture. These are the current files on my TomTom Urban Rider.

After putting the files the you have to go into the menu of the TomTom to load the file into the route planning and you can drive the route. Every time a point it reached the planner will mark it as visited. So you do not have to load every day a new file. Just continue to the end and then load the next one.
Question, just asked them.

This you can also do with a Garmin. But the you have to place the files in the GPS directory of the garmin. Like you see on the picture of my Garmin Zumo.

Here also you have to load the files in the Garmin. My Zumo 660 always sees that new files are in the map GPX and will automatic go to the import function of the Zumo.  You have to import the route files. Do that one by one to avoid import problems.

Also a Garmin can drive the Route 66 without any problem. You do not have to load a file every day. Just continu the route you were doing to the end. If the question is asked should the system go to the starting point answer no and the system will continue the route.

I am now working also a route files day by day as I drove them. This because not all people are that good in how to use a GPS system. They will be available soon

For those people that have not the insight of how to handle files there is a very good help in TyreToTravel from Michel Hagen. Or  use MyRouteApp also from Michel Hagen. Both programs will do the job to show you the Route 66 files in Google Maps or if you are member of MyrouteApp in Garmin or TomTom or even Michelin Maps.

Yes, I use this program to make my files, check my files, compare my files in maps and I am very fond of both of them. So use them as member!

With this program you can edit the route and copy them to every connected GPS system that can handle working with routeplanning. I say this because the are system that can not do this like the TomTom One XL serie ( I own a TomTom One XL550 bought in the USA too). Only very well informed people can make this system do ITN files.

Look at the picture of TyreToTravel. You see the first part of the route 66 file in gpx format. I connected my new TomTom Rider410 to the system. And yes, this GPS system has world maps and free live time updates for my motorcycle. And Tyre can handle this one too. And also a car TomTom like a Go60 can work now with TyreToTravel in coordination with Mydrive from TomTom.

vrijdag 18 september 2015

Day 19 of Route 66 2015 Barstow San Bernardino

This day Constance, Stefan and I agreed to start at the Route 66 Museum in Barstow. It should open at 10.00 and I saw it already in 2013 and it is a must see on 66. So we were there after sightseeing Barstow at 9.45 then we saw they are only open on Friday and in the weekend. It was a disappointment for all  us that the museum was closed  so we went on the way over old 66 heading to LA.

The first stop when leaving Barstow is the Bottle Tree Forest built by a man who hobby is collecting old stuff and making art of it. In 2013 he was on the road but now we met him at his forest. Had a long talk with him about his hobby and how it started. A nice guy to meet, with an exceptional hobby, and thank you for showing us around the place and allowing the picture of you and me
Next stop was the Iron Hog salon this is a typical saloon like Devil’s Elbow and also a nice stop. Also here a souvenir shops where you can buy a lot of stuff. Because I have no room left I did not buy the t-shirt.  Then we went to Holland Burger. It is not founded by Dutch people as I thought according the lady who served our lunch. The food was good and there were many visitors so a good sign that the place will be long open.

The other must stop in Victorville is the route 66 museum from California. And off course we stopped there. Had a picture in the VW bus together and looked around in route 66 history. A nice place to visit and with nice people to meet there too. We continued our travel together to Summit Inn over the frontage road next to the I-40. The restaurant had an accident in 2014 but all was repaired and now they were open again. 

Here Stefan and Constance had to go further because they had to deliver the rented Harley’s back to Eagle Rider on time. It was nice to drive together friends on 66.  Off course I went in and had a drink and because they have WiFi I could call my wife with Whatsapp again.  The place is really a must see and stop and have a drink or something to eat. It’s too nice not to stop there.

Then I continued my travel true the mountain road around LA in San Bernardino National Forest and went down this way instead of I-40 or like I did in 2013 down part I-40 and then back to old 66.  It is really hill up and down with steep curves so it does not go fast but the roads are good and the lake view is a beautiful sight too.

Entering San Bernardino this way brought me quick at the first Mac Donnalds. It is now a museum and a very nice place to visit. My last stop today was the Wig Wam motel where I stay the night. I can recommend the experience to all 66 drivers. It different but very nice to do.

Then to today, will travel by Interstate to Eagle Rider were I will have a meeting with the manager and then to Schumacher Transport to arrange the shipping of the Honda to the Netherlands. Do some shopping at the Walmart for wife and kids as I promised to do and then take the day off. Tomorrow I do a part Ride Back 66 from the things missed starting at the End Point. Then I go on Highway 1 down to San Diego. My plane is on Tuesday so some time left for sightseeing California.

donderdag 17 september 2015

Day 18 of Route 66 2015 Needles to Barstow

This day I did not drive alone. Two German friends, a couple from Hamburg, who I met several times on my journey over Route 66 are driving with me. And today is dessert day on 66.

We started early on 9 to have some profits of lower temperature but also at 9 it was already 79F. The day highest temperature was 86 so much under the Missouri and Oklahoma temperatures we had.
First a little part on I-40 then to US95 and then to 66 but after Goff it was not possible to drive 66 further. Road was closed. I knew there were bridges flooded in spring but still closed I had not expected. So we did a turn to the interstate and the next exit we tried again.

Still closed but there was a road worker in a car so I asked is it possible or not on a motorcycles. He told they made roads around the bridges so at max 300 feet we would drive on a gravel road. And there was no water under the bridge floating. 

So we decided to give it a try and via Essex road we went back to 66. And indeed the road was almost only our road. No other cars except rail road workers used it. It felt good to drive over the dessert road of 66 again. And we had a good picture stop at the route 66 near the ruins of a painted wall. I Forgot the name of it so help me to remember please. We sat on the road put the bike in front and toke the time for some nice pictures.

Then we continued and in total we had 3 bridges to pass over a gravel bypass. No problems for us and we had a great drive to Roys were we must stop off course to see the place. It funny that the building of the motel looks good on the outside and also the rooms are looking good so with some effort it could reopen as a motel. Gass was 30% more expensive here and we did not need to fill up. Had a drink made the pictures and the drover further to Ludow. 

The road from 66 after Ludow was bad in 2013 when I drove with the BMW over is and now it was even worse. After 10 miles we took the I-40 again because we were shacked out enough. Next stop Bagdad Café famous because of the movie made there. Now it looked old and not clean anymore. So after a drink for me and Constance a hamburger for Stefan we drove further on 66 to Daggett and then to the “ghost town” Calico an old gold mine town in western style build now as a tourist attraction. 

This time there were no busses like in 2013 so we went in. A nice place to see and if there is time a must stop to do for 8 dollars entrée fee. When we left a family from Sweden just came on their rented Harley’s. Two daughter an dad and mum.  They started with the golden state tour and I gave them the advise we had form the road worker. Continue over 66 after Roys Cafe. Yes I could be a travel guide Constance already said. For me it is helping people to have fun.

We continued to Barstow on 66 and entered nearly a marine base build on old 66. I will adapt my files and also River Pilot files need to be adapting here to part interstate and then back to 66. Our journey together ended in Barstow at the museum were we meet again to continue to the Wig Wam hotel in San Bernardino. Off course we go to Victorville museum and the bottle tree ranch and Summit Inn

dinsdag 15 september 2015

Day 17 of Route 66 2015 from Kingman to Needles

The day started early for me because I had made an appointment with the famous writer Jim Hinkley in Kingman. Jim and I met the first time in the Preal when he was in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. I felt very honored that he and I met in Kingman.

We had a good talk about driving Route 66. We both know  and agreed that it is the route 66 and the adventure that make complete strangers friends.

And an example of this fact I had again in Outman were I met again my German friends who I first met in Pontiac and later in Albuquerque . Although we don’t know each other we share the same passion. So we went for dinner this evening together and go together from Needles to Barstow true the dessert. And that is what Jim mend when he said the adventure makes friends.

Well what did I see today after my meeting with Jim I went back to the hotel. Had breakfast and the MD and the went to see Kingmen and the Kingman museum. Saw the winner of top speed cars full electric in the museum too. A nice exhibition of the past and the future where I would give the title too a must see on 66.

Then I went to Chloride to see an old silver mine town just outside Kingman on the road to Las Vegas. And on the same road lived in the past our Santa Claus. He has his house still for sale. It was already for sale in 2013. I think now nobody will buy it and it will be damaged buy time.

Then I drove to Cool Springs were I had my first real coffee since weeks. The guy how worked there I did recognize by face. He and I had a long talk about several things. He told me he will retire in 2 year so when I ever will drive route 66 again he will not be there. Cool Springs is a nice place to stop just before the big hill climing starts. 

And yes I saw the remains of Ed’s Kamp. Dries Bessels already posted more detailed pictures of the place. A sad view if you ask me, lots of buildings are going down this way.

The drive to Oatman is a long climbing uphill. But the pavement was fresh to the road was OK. Coming to Oatman is always nice. The donkey’s on the street the shops like the 60-ties. After hard work driving uphile a nice place to rest.

Well what are we going to see tomorrow when driving true the dessert. Off course Goff’s and Ferner and Roy’s Café and New Bagdad Café and Calicio Ghost town too. It is only a 300 km drive but the dessert makes it special for us European drivers.

Day 16 of Route 66 2015 from Flagstaff to Kingman

A long day with much to see on the route but less route 66 to drive in the start miles. To Williams I stopped at the Harley dealer because his showroom is very nice and there is a nice restaurant next to him. From there is a piece of old route 66 going into the forest. Who can tell me if it is drivable with a motorcycle or not. And were does it end? After a few miles the road went in bad condition so I decided to turn around. GPS of the road start is here 35.24581,-111.85154.

Then to Williams the route 66 city that explores all possibilities to make money out of 66 and there is nothing wrong with is except that putting a radar with 25miles and a police car in the start of the street by El Reno motel makes not a warm welcome feeling. I drove the blocks around 3 times and then I saw a quilt shop. I promised my wife to bring some fat quarters for her hobby quilting so I stopped and bought some nice pieces for her in Route 66 theme.

I also talk to the owner of Pete’s gas station and museum very nice to see. There I bought a AZ license plate for a college who would love to have one. And I let someone made a new picture from me and the bike and the Williams 66 sign. Every time when I come there I do this. For me a special place because I was there with all family members on our 25th anniversary wedding journey.

Then I went to As Fork to see the people of the De Sotos Salon. But the parking was close by a steel cable and there were no activities outside or inside to see. I had a long chat with the couple living there in 2013. Can someone tell me if the place is still open? Next to them there is an ice salon already closed and some other place next to that too.

Of course I needed to see the Ted's Bull Pen Restaurant & gas station complex where James Martin and other people in the 66 groups were talking about. It completely closed and on the way to get lost in time. Made some nice pictures of the place too and went further over the route 66 town street.
The over the I-40 to the Crookton Bridge over the railroad on US Hwy 66 1937 - 1947 alignment. Nice to do that because many other bikers may drive to Seligman over the I-40 now you enter via Route 66.

Seligman is for me a place with two sides. Of course Angel Delgado did a lot to save the town and route 66. But when I came there were 3 buses loaded with people and the store was loaded too. I am not so fund of overcrowded stores and people traveling with buses brought to places where they do not have any feeling for.

The store further in the street were and cheaper and less crowed I drove slowly further unit the Motor Museum were I had a close look to all the nice bikes there. They even had a Honda history from 185 to 350cc in the 70ties. Very nice to see a must stop for a biker who looks further the a Harley like I am.

Next door is a coffee shop that is owned by a German couple. Talk to some people from Australia and when I said something in Dutch I saw him looking to me. We had a good talk and shared out memories about drag racing in Drachten in the Netherlands at the air strip. He was active that time in this sport and when I describe the bike form Henk Vink the Big Spender with triple Kawasaki 1000 cc engine he became even emotional. I told him the bike is in Neckarsulm NSU museum. He told me a nice story about a guy with 2 rotor engine in drag racing. I remembered that too. Always nice to meet people with the same hobby as I have with motorcycles. And he remembered the visit from Cees Vendel too because of the scarf he and Cees have too.

Then I continued my trip over 66 to Peach Spring. Was the weather in 2013 very hot here now I had 80 degrees and dark clouds and in total to Kingman 3 time a lot of rain in a short period. There was one place even flooded with water on my side of the road so I drove the other side. But speed goes down and I am very careful because I need to come home and in one piece.

Off course I stopped at Hackberry General Store and saw the rest room for men. Nice view many would say. The shop is a must see on 66. Many stop here but again I saw a big group of bikers pass. And I also saw the  Giganticus Headicus now painted green. A German who is living a long time in the US is leasing the place and restoring it. There will be an RV camp and the room can be rented for a longer period. He is also restoring the inside and may do some with ice and cold drinks. It is still an interesting place to stop on Route 66.

Thereafter the rain stopped and I drove further to Kingman. I did some sightseeing here too and had the dinner in Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner.  In the dinner I also had a nice chat with a young German couple traveling the Golden State route to the West by car and on the way to Seligman.

Then to today. I already met Jim Hinkley and we had a pleasant talk about route 66. He will come to Germany next year were we will meet again. I will go to the museum of Kingman and then on the way to Needles. Although I did not plane to do it I booked already a hotel in Needles, Barstow and San Bernadino where I will stay at the Wig Wam hotel. A new experience for me and I think it will be nice.

I expect to be in LA on Friday and there I will have to take care of transporting the bike to the Netherlands and have a visit with Eagle Rider were I bought the bike. So one week to go for Route 66 left.

maandag 14 september 2015

Day 15 of Route 66 2015 from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff

Well A day with very little Route 66. Yes, I saw the giant in Flagstaff but that was all from 66. I made a circle driving the US180 to Tusayan and then entering the Grand Canyon. I went as much as possible to the left side of the South Rim.

And it was a day with rain and sun so I changed a lot to rain wear and back to sun wear clothing

But also the US180 is going to a very nice forest area with great views and it is a curved road so nice to drive without the big bag behind me. The entrance fee for the Grand Canyon was tripled compared to 2013 when I paid 7 dollars. Now you pay 25 for one person and a motorcycle but still I think this is a beautiful side trip.

When I left the Desert View road entering the US 89 I saw a big group of bikers and a car with a trailer behind them. Again a dutch group of USA-reizen traveling the golden state trip.I spoke with the organizer later in the galaxy inn because they even stay in the same hotel as I do. The do GC today. Always nice to speak Dutch again after a period with a lot of English and German. My German friend are now in Williams and doing GC today.

Well today I continue my Route 66 trip to Kingman. Hope to meet Jim Hinkley there too. See Williams were I need to make a new picture of the big 66 sign and me and the Honda. See Selligman and the old Desoto on the roof.  So my next blog will be all 66 again.

zondag 13 september 2015

Day 14 of Route 66 2015 from Holbrook AZ to Flagstaff AZ

First I had to see some of Holbrook because yesterday I only was at the mural from  Joe & Aggie’s café. Holbrook is for me a town that has two source of income, route 66 en the Petrified Forest. Many pictures made and of course I was at the wigwam motel. A must see when driving true Holbrook. But my breakfast I had at Joe an Aggie where I met also a german couple again that I met in Rolla. Same schedule on 66 as me.

Already during driving in Holbrook I saw the Cadillac that I saw a picture from at Facebook. The car I saw at Jackrabbit Trading Post again so I could speak with the people driving it. Two older couples from Canada were aslo doing Route 66 and they rented the car in Chicago. I nice drive I think the rented. But they had some problems with the breaks that would be repaired in Flagstaff. I asked what is was and then I heard the cause, air in de brake system so breaks are not responding well. I advised to be careful and went on my way to Winslow.

The city is famous because of a song of the Eagles with standing on the corner in Winslow AZ and no better place to go. I have some nice picture to show from that place and I bought the T-shirt with long sleeves at the standing on the corner music shop. This corner is a must see on 66 and the shops there had many customers.

I went on to the Meteor City Souvenir Shop where I already saw pictures from in the picture groups on Facebook. Well it is now in bad condition. From a distance it looks ok but coming closer it is a disaster to see. Wall broken and the inside destroyed. Two more years like this and it is gone forever. Why does AZ not restore it. They asked 18 dollars to visit the Meteor Crater use some of it to restore the place. Toerist come to AZ to see this.

The same I must say for 2 guns. Compared to 2013 it is nearly destroyed. Looking at the wall of the building and the two guns pictures it will go rapidly down in condition. Also this will be gone soon.
Then I went to the 2 arrows gas station and dinner. The arrows are still there. In 2013 fresh painted now they need to be painted again. I went now into the building and made some pictures from the inside. Well also here I have to say it will be gone soon and another tourist attraction is scraped from the route 66 lists to see. So I think that if nothing is done here Arizone will be less interesting to see on Route 66.

Then I went to the Winona Bridge and drove over it. It can be done with a motor cycle but not with a care. This bridge is already a state monument and will be there much longer to see by the next generation driving route 66.

Then I went to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument because I had to skip this in 2013. It is a volcano area with a drive true of 50 miles. Seeing different land shapes made by the water and the volcano. A nice side trip when you have the time.

Today I go to do a trip true the Grand Canon from Flagstaff to Tusayan and then back. The trip si about 200 miles long and now without luggage on the bike so it will be a much easier drive for me. This side trip I did also in 2010 en 2013. But the GC is too beautiful to pass only form a distance.