dinsdag 15 september 2015

Day 16 of Route 66 2015 from Flagstaff to Kingman

A long day with much to see on the route but less route 66 to drive in the start miles. To Williams I stopped at the Harley dealer because his showroom is very nice and there is a nice restaurant next to him. From there is a piece of old route 66 going into the forest. Who can tell me if it is drivable with a motorcycle or not. And were does it end? After a few miles the road went in bad condition so I decided to turn around. GPS of the road start is here 35.24581,-111.85154.

Then to Williams the route 66 city that explores all possibilities to make money out of 66 and there is nothing wrong with is except that putting a radar with 25miles and a police car in the start of the street by El Reno motel makes not a warm welcome feeling. I drove the blocks around 3 times and then I saw a quilt shop. I promised my wife to bring some fat quarters for her hobby quilting so I stopped and bought some nice pieces for her in Route 66 theme.

I also talk to the owner of Pete’s gas station and museum very nice to see. There I bought a AZ license plate for a college who would love to have one. And I let someone made a new picture from me and the bike and the Williams 66 sign. Every time when I come there I do this. For me a special place because I was there with all family members on our 25th anniversary wedding journey.

Then I went to As Fork to see the people of the De Sotos Salon. But the parking was close by a steel cable and there were no activities outside or inside to see. I had a long chat with the couple living there in 2013. Can someone tell me if the place is still open? Next to them there is an ice salon already closed and some other place next to that too.

Of course I needed to see the Ted's Bull Pen Restaurant & gas station complex where James Martin and other people in the 66 groups were talking about. It completely closed and on the way to get lost in time. Made some nice pictures of the place too and went further over the route 66 town street.
The over the I-40 to the Crookton Bridge over the railroad on US Hwy 66 1937 - 1947 alignment. Nice to do that because many other bikers may drive to Seligman over the I-40 now you enter via Route 66.

Seligman is for me a place with two sides. Of course Angel Delgado did a lot to save the town and route 66. But when I came there were 3 buses loaded with people and the store was loaded too. I am not so fund of overcrowded stores and people traveling with buses brought to places where they do not have any feeling for.

The store further in the street were and cheaper and less crowed I drove slowly further unit the Motor Museum were I had a close look to all the nice bikes there. They even had a Honda history from 185 to 350cc in the 70ties. Very nice to see a must stop for a biker who looks further the a Harley like I am.

Next door is a coffee shop that is owned by a German couple. Talk to some people from Australia and when I said something in Dutch I saw him looking to me. We had a good talk and shared out memories about drag racing in Drachten in the Netherlands at the air strip. He was active that time in this sport and when I describe the bike form Henk Vink the Big Spender with triple Kawasaki 1000 cc engine he became even emotional. I told him the bike is in Neckarsulm NSU museum. He told me a nice story about a guy with 2 rotor engine in drag racing. I remembered that too. Always nice to meet people with the same hobby as I have with motorcycles. And he remembered the visit from Cees Vendel too because of the scarf he and Cees have too.

Then I continued my trip over 66 to Peach Spring. Was the weather in 2013 very hot here now I had 80 degrees and dark clouds and in total to Kingman 3 time a lot of rain in a short period. There was one place even flooded with water on my side of the road so I drove the other side. But speed goes down and I am very careful because I need to come home and in one piece.

Off course I stopped at Hackberry General Store and saw the rest room for men. Nice view many would say. The shop is a must see on 66. Many stop here but again I saw a big group of bikers pass. And I also saw the  Giganticus Headicus now painted green. A German who is living a long time in the US is leasing the place and restoring it. There will be an RV camp and the room can be rented for a longer period. He is also restoring the inside and may do some with ice and cold drinks. It is still an interesting place to stop on Route 66.

Thereafter the rain stopped and I drove further to Kingman. I did some sightseeing here too and had the dinner in Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner.  In the dinner I also had a nice chat with a young German couple traveling the Golden State route to the West by car and on the way to Seligman.

Then to today. I already met Jim Hinkley and we had a pleasant talk about route 66. He will come to Germany next year were we will meet again. I will go to the museum of Kingman and then on the way to Needles. Although I did not plane to do it I booked already a hotel in Needles, Barstow and San Bernadino where I will stay at the Wig Wam hotel. A new experience for me and I think it will be nice.

I expect to be in LA on Friday and there I will have to take care of transporting the bike to the Netherlands and have a visit with Eagle Rider were I bought the bike. So one week to go for Route 66 left.

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