woensdag 2 september 2015

Day 3 on Route 66 2015 from Urbana back to Route 66 Springfield

Well after a 100 km I was back on Route 66. Interstate 74 brought me back from my visit to Josh and his future wife Shanon. At 12.00 and that was time for a lunch break that I did a truck stop with a Loves gas station were they had Biodiesel to. As a test engineer I look at the amount. Between 5 and 20%. So Either EN590 with 7% max or B20 according EN14214.  He, that work Klaas so go eat and shop.

 Signing in Illinois is very good. But live is making choices. Route 66 asked the same. Go the byway or the city way form 1930 to 1940

 The big wagon from Lincon. A beauty on Route 66 near a Best Western Hotel. I missed this one in 2013. Now I have seen it too.

Loves is a wunderfull shop. Had something to drink and took some with me. Did not see Wallmart yet to buy more in one time and I do not have the space this time to carry 10 bottles with me. Mise the topcase now that the BMW had.

Then to the Route 66. Off course I needed to see Funk and Groove. But the was road work so a de tour to come there. But pitty for me closed. 

So continued to Dixie truck stop on route 66. A big nice sign at the parking lot and a lot of route 66 stuff for sale. And free toilets something where we Europeans could learn from. 

We always need topay. I had a quick bite from a sandwich there that was very good. A good place to do lunch.

And then I came in Atlanta were the big giant was waiting for me. The owner looked at me and said were are you from because I have seen you before.

Had a nice chat with the men and bought me a Giant shirt to remember the place and keep the shop open. Off course he made the picture for me with the Giant like in 2013.

The the city Lincoln was next. Lovely murals to see and the Mill Restaurant still in restauration. Every time I see a picture of it I think typical Dutch a mill. But I walked around the building a saw the progress.

After that I drove further on Route 66 to Springfield were I stayed the night.  On the way to Springfield I saw a Harley dealership. 

I never visited them so I did now. Had a lovely talk with one of the sales reps who had coffee and water with me. He was ex-marine and understood very well why I drive my dream. And in the dealership on the rood I saw some nice Harley Honda Suzuki mixed bikes made by Harley.

Of course visited the Abraham Lincoln home and grave saw the big buildings. Eat in the Cozy Dog Drive In. And had a picture of me and the sign inside made by two Japanese guys
who were wondering what I was doing in my orange jacket with the big sign of Route 66 on it.

So todays first visit will be Becky's Barn looking forward to it. Now it is 6.30. Time to have breakfast and pack the bike for the next ride.  

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