zaterdag 5 september 2015

Day 6 of Route 66 2015 from Rolla to Springfield MO.

Day 6 of Route 66 2015 from Rolla to Springfield MO.

Well I had a real Honda day today. Why I will explain later. But I have seen 3 dealers  in total.
What did I seen today. Starting in Rolla around 9 I went on the route 66 on my way to  Vernell's Motel. On old motel on a byway of Route 66.

Then I drove to Devils Elbow café and bridge. In 2013 the bridge was just op for me thereafter the bridge was repaired ans restored. I was too early at Devils Elbow they were still closed and would open at 11.00. Because it was already hot (around 90F) I decided to go on. But only the road to drive to this place makes it word to take this byway.

After Devil Elbow I drove to the Honda dealer in Waynesfile. They had a nice showroom but could not help me with a new rear tire.  A pity because they would fit is for free.  But they gave me the adres of the Honda dealer in Lebanon. There I met Rany DeWit. Yes,
 he has Dutch parents but did not speak it anymore. He knew some words from his grand mother.  Like ” benauwd en bezopen”.  We had a great time together. The workshop changed the engine oil and cardan oil and the parts guy called to Springfield and they had the tire in stock.

So I continued my travel to Route 66 to see the closed Gasconade Bridge Rally, Hazelgreen, MO. I bougt the shirt in January to support the Route 66 groups to keep this bridge open en restore it. Now After the bridge I had to travel the I-44 to the next exit. Missouri has very good road signing for  Route 66. A great help to stay on 66. So I was not fund of this part on the interstate called Route 66.

Then I passed the big sign of the Munger Moss Motel. This is a wonderful place to stay a night. But it was only two. Had a long talk with Ramona and bought a gift for myself to remember this place. Not a T-shirt but a plate with the sign on it. Made some nice picure there also from the art hanging there and saw Ken Turmel the Landrunner his work hanging here too.

Then on the road to Spring Field. Pasted the largest gift shop but did not stop. Had to be on time to let my tire changed. And the dealer there had the tire and during the waiting time I made some pictures of the showroom. They are selling to bike like the Honda CTX700 for very low prices. I do not know if this model is en the EU also. But it’s a nice bike to see.

Well start today with a short drive, because my hotel is near to it, to the PFI western cowboy boots shop. Will pass also  Gary’s Gay Parita, gas station but it will not be the same as in 2013 were I had a nice talk with Gary. He passed away and thief are stealing now the icon of Gary dream.

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