maandag 7 september 2015

Day 7 of Route 66 2015 from Springfield MO to Miami Ok

Well a busy day I had on Saterday. A long drive too. But I met nice people every were I came.

Let us start with a visit to de PFI boot shop were you can buy real cowboy boots but many more. My daughter Sanne would love to shop here. Think it would be hard to get her going away. From boots to clothing everything she needs. I bought two shawls to have a fresh one because it every  over 90F so hot and I sweat a lot. Drink a lot of water and sprite too.
Thereafter I did the sightseeing of Springfield and I know were to sleep next time. My favorite hotel Best Western Route 66. Nice in Route 66 style and the signing around the building and de cars and gas station is a must see for visitors. And of course I saw the mural of Buds tires and wheels. Very nice too.

Then I went on the Route 66 to Kansas. First thing to see was the White Hall Mercantile were you can buy old stuff. The I drove to Gary Station with pain in my hart. I knew already from facebook how it would look like. I made the pictures and with this blog a picture form 2013 to compare. 

Gary was special for me. I came in 2013 at his station he talked with me and he said during the talk “So you are driving your dream Route 66”. I will never forget that. Because it says exactly what my emotion about route 66 is. I really hope it will be restored and thief’s will return the stolen items.

After the visit I drover further to Red Oak II. I was not there in 2013 but it look like I came into American History. Lots of picture made and now shared. 

When I asked a builder who was working there he told me a men went to Paris made a lot of money there can back an restored his home town. And more I see too. This is a small site trip on 66 but a must see for all 66

Off course I was on the Oak Street Bridge, visited the Bonnie and Clyde Hideout and then came in Kansas. At cars on the Route were I met Melba. We had a good talk about why visit Route 66 and that Gelana did a lot to restore things. The ghost house is as an example for it. It was closed but on the outside I could already see a lot of work was done. I had to say hello to Willem and Monique for her.
I did that of course via the check in function of Facebook. Made some nice pictures here too also from Willems work.

Then I continued to the Galena Mining and Historical Museum and the Rainbow Arch Bridge were I made the picture of the bike in front. The museum was already closed. That happens on Saterday and Sundays they close early.  Saw in Baxter Springs the Angels on the Route and did not stay on the same hotel as in 2013. Decided to drive further to Miami  and to see the Service Station and Allens Filling Station and Diary King Ice Salon. All closed already but the outsite is a nice visit too. 

Had to make some picture there too. Put it on facebook as a check in knowing Willem would put is model pictures at it and he did. Willem nice work you did there in the model!

Entering Miami I already knew where to eat later in the evening. On the route 66 highlight called KuKu drive-in restaurant. It was so nice to see inside and outside this building and good service too. I met a guy who told me he own the cars on the route. Nice couple to talk with. He is in chemicals like Diesel Exhaustgas Fluid. Had a good talk with them about Route 66 and that is one of the common things to talk over.

Well what to do today on Sunday. I know a lot of highlight will be closed. My route 66 museum  Vintage Iron Motorcycle will open at noon. But I already saw a lot changed. The Evel Knievel stuff is gone. I still have the sticker from 2013 inside my wallet. Saw that every day. I will look at it and rember it how it was. I think I can make it to Oklahoma today. Cees, Ken Turmel and I cannot meet. His has another appointment in Joplin.

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