dinsdag 8 september 2015

Day 9 of Route 66 2015 from Chandler OK to Clinton OK

 pictures will follow asap         

Well I had a long day driving over old route 66 tracks came late in Clinton with my bike. But let me start with my morning visit to Jerry McClanahan, famous artist and writer of the EZS66 guide.  I never met him in person. Now I did. For me Jerry is famous. I have his books and like them very much. Jerry showed me around and showed me his work he is doing now. And it will be looking good I can tell you now. Bought from Jerry him a book of Jim Ross where he wrote the entry and he signed it for me there. Thanks Jerry for your hospitality.

The day started with a drive to Sheba Station a motorcycle museum. It still looked the same and the still had the Honda XL100 and 175 like I own the 250 version of it. And the still had the Hercules rotor engine bike. And no, the engine not running yet. They do not know how so I asked the card of the manager and will contact Neckarsulm NSU museum. The will have the manual for sure that get the engine running again.

Then I continued my way to the round barn and Pops in Arcadia. The round barn I saw in 2013 but now went in to. And there I met some Facebook friend driving route 66 with a Ford Mustang. So I put the Honda next to the car and made a picture for Cees who is a mustang freak. The round barn is a nice place to stop with friendly people and I had the tour. Even went upstrair to see how this barn was made. Technical a nice piece of work considering that is nearly 100 year old. Pops is a must see at a gasstation a big bottle look alike of 66 feet in height.

On the way to OK city I visited the  National Cowboy and Western Heritage museum also a good place to stop and learn about American history.

Then I went in to OK city were I saw the impressive The Oklahoma City National Memorial, the milk bottle on the roof but also some other highlight like  Ann's Chicken Fry House and because of that d-tour I saw more nice thing of OK city then in 2013.

And yes I went over some nice old bridges todoy like the old Route 66 bridge in Oklahoma City at Lake Overholser and the Pony bridge were I even mad some picture during driving over it. 
Had also a visit to the ghost town called Bridgeport looks like a old town to me were people used to live before the interstate came. I made a nice picture of an old post office there and from a Peterbilt they are dismantling but stoped a while ago. The truck looked to me not older the 7 years and I saw some people living at the end of the streets in that town.

Because of the point I visited now the road I drove over were old route 66 I did not see in 2013. So something new added to my GPS files brought me on new parts of 66. Thanks to the Facebook group Route66 picture where I am active in finding places and putting this places with address and GPS location back in to the group.

The end of the day was a real highlight to visit, Lucille's Famous Route 66 Gas Station and a little further Lucille's Roadhouse Restaurant. The old gas station looked so much better then in 2013. Restored and gashouse rebuild so for me it was great to see this. And yes there were sponsors who are now advertising there but I have no problem with that. They did it and that what’s counting.

Well what will I see today, first my favorit stop in Clinton the Clinton Route66 Museum, the Roger Miller Museum and I hope to stay in Shamrock Texas this evening. I also hope less hot weather because the last two days where over 100F 35C. And in the Netherlands it is now 16C.

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