maandag 7 september 2015

Day 8 of Route 66 2015 from Miami Ok to Chandler OK

Well because it was Sunday many things were or open late or closed. But for me it was a special day. 

I saved a little girls life at the blue whale in Catoose. She fell in the water when her mum did not watch. The wagon started rolling. As soon a mum and I saw what happened we started running.She pulled her out of the water and I started first aid with vital functions first.

So make her breed way free en mouth clean. Thereafter we cleaned the girls with fresh water. I must say a scary moment that what I realized later when driving again.  After this I wanted to buy the Catoose blue whale shirt. The woman who served me did not want any payment. She said I owned it by helping the kid first.

 What more did I see. Of course over the interstate the  Will Rogers museum where I met a truck driver who drove a Peterbilt with our DAF MX engine in it. He was very happy with performance an fuel consumption and low noise. Oeps was this work again or is work also a hobby. In my case yes sometimes it is.

Then I drove true Tulsa and saw the new Route 66 sign Tulsa has since a half year I think. Correct me when I am wrong. Saw also the old route 66 bridge and statues next to it. A wonderful must see on 66 I think.

Then I needed to fuel up the bike. Did that and a cop came driving by. He would like to know what bike I drive. Well I told him we call it a Honda Pan European but Americans call it a Honda ST1300. He drove a Harley off course. And yes he made my picture at his police car. Like in 2013 but then I missed a stop sign. Now he was curious about me because of the bike and the clothing I wear.

I also saw several old bridges on the sideways of 66. Ken en the old bridge site gave me the gps locations so now I saw 4 instead of 1. Pictures and there sign are attached.

I ended in the Rock cafe in Stroud were I had to drink a lot. It was now 100F (35C) and hot. So I decided to call it a day and book a hotel. So now I am in the Lincoln Motel on route 66.

Today the first visit will be the writer of many route 66 books Jerry McClanahan, EZ66 route book is one of them.

Think I end in Shamrock like in 2103 because also Sheba station in now open and in my route 66 today. And I want to see the classic bikes back.

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