maandag 14 september 2015

Day 15 of Route 66 2015 from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff

Well A day with very little Route 66. Yes, I saw the giant in Flagstaff but that was all from 66. I made a circle driving the US180 to Tusayan and then entering the Grand Canyon. I went as much as possible to the left side of the South Rim.

And it was a day with rain and sun so I changed a lot to rain wear and back to sun wear clothing

But also the US180 is going to a very nice forest area with great views and it is a curved road so nice to drive without the big bag behind me. The entrance fee for the Grand Canyon was tripled compared to 2013 when I paid 7 dollars. Now you pay 25 for one person and a motorcycle but still I think this is a beautiful side trip.

When I left the Desert View road entering the US 89 I saw a big group of bikers and a car with a trailer behind them. Again a dutch group of USA-reizen traveling the golden state trip.I spoke with the organizer later in the galaxy inn because they even stay in the same hotel as I do. The do GC today. Always nice to speak Dutch again after a period with a lot of English and German. My German friend are now in Williams and doing GC today.

Well today I continue my Route 66 trip to Kingman. Hope to meet Jim Hinkley there too. See Williams were I need to make a new picture of the big 66 sign and me and the Honda. See Selligman and the old Desoto on the roof.  So my next blog will be all 66 again.

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