zondag 13 september 2015

Day 14 of Route 66 2015 from Holbrook AZ to Flagstaff AZ

First I had to see some of Holbrook because yesterday I only was at the mural from  Joe & Aggie’s café. Holbrook is for me a town that has two source of income, route 66 en the Petrified Forest. Many pictures made and of course I was at the wigwam motel. A must see when driving true Holbrook. But my breakfast I had at Joe an Aggie where I met also a german couple again that I met in Rolla. Same schedule on 66 as me.

Already during driving in Holbrook I saw the Cadillac that I saw a picture from at Facebook. The car I saw at Jackrabbit Trading Post again so I could speak with the people driving it. Two older couples from Canada were aslo doing Route 66 and they rented the car in Chicago. I nice drive I think the rented. But they had some problems with the breaks that would be repaired in Flagstaff. I asked what is was and then I heard the cause, air in de brake system so breaks are not responding well. I advised to be careful and went on my way to Winslow.

The city is famous because of a song of the Eagles with standing on the corner in Winslow AZ and no better place to go. I have some nice picture to show from that place and I bought the T-shirt with long sleeves at the standing on the corner music shop. This corner is a must see on 66 and the shops there had many customers.

I went on to the Meteor City Souvenir Shop where I already saw pictures from in the picture groups on Facebook. Well it is now in bad condition. From a distance it looks ok but coming closer it is a disaster to see. Wall broken and the inside destroyed. Two more years like this and it is gone forever. Why does AZ not restore it. They asked 18 dollars to visit the Meteor Crater use some of it to restore the place. Toerist come to AZ to see this.

The same I must say for 2 guns. Compared to 2013 it is nearly destroyed. Looking at the wall of the building and the two guns pictures it will go rapidly down in condition. Also this will be gone soon.
Then I went to the 2 arrows gas station and dinner. The arrows are still there. In 2013 fresh painted now they need to be painted again. I went now into the building and made some pictures from the inside. Well also here I have to say it will be gone soon and another tourist attraction is scraped from the route 66 lists to see. So I think that if nothing is done here Arizone will be less interesting to see on Route 66.

Then I went to the Winona Bridge and drove over it. It can be done with a motor cycle but not with a care. This bridge is already a state monument and will be there much longer to see by the next generation driving route 66.

Then I went to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument because I had to skip this in 2013. It is a volcano area with a drive true of 50 miles. Seeing different land shapes made by the water and the volcano. A nice side trip when you have the time.

Today I go to do a trip true the Grand Canon from Flagstaff to Tusayan and then back. The trip si about 200 miles long and now without luggage on the bike so it will be a much easier drive for me. This side trip I did also in 2010 en 2013. But the GC is too beautiful to pass only form a distance.

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