vrijdag 18 september 2015

Day 19 of Route 66 2015 Barstow San Bernardino

This day Constance, Stefan and I agreed to start at the Route 66 Museum in Barstow. It should open at 10.00 and I saw it already in 2013 and it is a must see on 66. So we were there after sightseeing Barstow at 9.45 then we saw they are only open on Friday and in the weekend. It was a disappointment for all  us that the museum was closed  so we went on the way over old 66 heading to LA.

The first stop when leaving Barstow is the Bottle Tree Forest built by a man who hobby is collecting old stuff and making art of it. In 2013 he was on the road but now we met him at his forest. Had a long talk with him about his hobby and how it started. A nice guy to meet, with an exceptional hobby, and thank you for showing us around the place and allowing the picture of you and me
Next stop was the Iron Hog salon this is a typical saloon like Devil’s Elbow and also a nice stop. Also here a souvenir shops where you can buy a lot of stuff. Because I have no room left I did not buy the t-shirt.  Then we went to Holland Burger. It is not founded by Dutch people as I thought according the lady who served our lunch. The food was good and there were many visitors so a good sign that the place will be long open.

The other must stop in Victorville is the route 66 museum from California. And off course we stopped there. Had a picture in the VW bus together and looked around in route 66 history. A nice place to visit and with nice people to meet there too. We continued our travel together to Summit Inn over the frontage road next to the I-40. The restaurant had an accident in 2014 but all was repaired and now they were open again. 

Here Stefan and Constance had to go further because they had to deliver the rented Harley’s back to Eagle Rider on time. It was nice to drive together friends on 66.  Off course I went in and had a drink and because they have WiFi I could call my wife with Whatsapp again.  The place is really a must see and stop and have a drink or something to eat. It’s too nice not to stop there.

Then I continued my travel true the mountain road around LA in San Bernardino National Forest and went down this way instead of I-40 or like I did in 2013 down part I-40 and then back to old 66.  It is really hill up and down with steep curves so it does not go fast but the roads are good and the lake view is a beautiful sight too.

Entering San Bernardino this way brought me quick at the first Mac Donnalds. It is now a museum and a very nice place to visit. My last stop today was the Wig Wam motel where I stay the night. I can recommend the experience to all 66 drivers. It different but very nice to do.

Then to today, will travel by Interstate to Eagle Rider were I will have a meeting with the manager and then to Schumacher Transport to arrange the shipping of the Honda to the Netherlands. Do some shopping at the Walmart for wife and kids as I promised to do and then take the day off. Tomorrow I do a part Ride Back 66 from the things missed starting at the End Point. Then I go on Highway 1 down to San Diego. My plane is on Tuesday so some time left for sightseeing California.

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