vrijdag 4 september 2015

Day 5 of Route 66 2015 from St. Louis to Rolla

Looking back to a day where I was very lucky. Why you will read in the end. But I know there are still honest people in this world

So what did I do, I was planning to see again the Arch inside. But that was nearly impossible or I had to let my bike stand somewhere outside. The streets were broken up and the parking at the arch could not be reached and other parking did not let me in. So I let it go with some nice picture form the outside.

Then I continued to Ted Drewes frozen custard. They were close unit 11.00 but the older lady let me in gave me an ice and a big coke and the menu and a nice sticker too. So happy that people see me and are willing to help. This is the advantage from being alone and looking European in my motorcycle cloth

I used today the GPS from River Pilot next to my TomTom files. Well let’s say they are different. I left St. Louis after the visit to Ted via the Interstate. Something I normally never do. Drove 40 km interstate and then came on the byway of Route 66. When you are in a hurry to do the trip I understand this. But why not respect the user setting keep off highway. I will try Rivers Files sometime more. But now continue with my files. Yes, the River Pilot Files brings you to the highlights of the Jesse James Museum too. But not to the Caverns near there and that is also a must see with the Jesse James hide out.  I was in 2013 also here. The Jesse James museum was closed now and the also. The toy and truck museum was now even empty. A pity for future visitors I hope the museum will be reopened soon.

So I continued the journey at the byway of route 66 to the Wagon Wheel Motel. A nice place to stay but it was too early to stop. I bought my T-shirt of this Route 66 symbol and continued to the big rocker chair in Fanning . Here I met two German ladies’ that toke my picture of the chair and I did the same favor for them. They were heading to Springfield MO so a long drive to go. I told them that I would be a late arrival. Planning in front in nice but when the route 66 is to be seen I plan in the evening with booking.com. For me it is much easier to travel. 

Last nice thing to see was the Totem Pole Trading Post after I visited a large truck stop were I take some picture and spoke with some drivers. Did not feel like working although it is related.
This truck was at the truck and repair shop before the cavern. I stopped the in 2013 to. The truck is total loss not older then a year. A pity I think.

And after the visit of the Totem Pole I wanted to book my hotel. And then shit happened. I found out I lost my Iphone4 I use with a US sim.  Well what to do then is calling the number see if somebody found it. And yes I got a police woman on the phone. I told her it’s my phone drove to the police station and had it back. 

  I am so glad that there are honest people in this world that bring things to lost and found.   The cop that gave me back my phone asked one question to be sure it’s my phone. What is on the background of the opening screen? Off course I know that is my route 66 symbol sire. So lucky me.

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