donderdag 10 september 2015

Day 10 of Route 66 2015 from Clinton OK to Amerillo TX

It was a long ride today with a beautiful start at my museum in Clinton. I still have the entry sticker from 2013 in my wallet. So call me sentimental I am so what.

Clinton museum is a must stop for every Route 66 fan. At the museum a group of around 30 bikers came when I left. All from the UK. I met them 3 times more and I am so glad that I am not in such a big group.

Ok back to what did I see and do. After Clinton I drove to Elk to visit the big national museum of 66. It is like a small city they build there. Really a must see too. Of course I saw the Beckham County Courthouse Sayre, Oklahoma. A typical USA building for me with all the beauty and glamour needed to be worth visiting.

Then I drove the U-Drop Inn Café, Shamrock the caffee was moved to a bigger place compared to 2013. And yes it is like route 66 Veldhoven in the Netherlands. Typical USA still from the 60ties. Also outsite a beauty. When you don’t stop here why the drive even 66. Go inside enoy the free coffee and buy something so the place can stay open.

Then I had to visit the Devil's Rope Museum where is a part reserved for 66 and the rest is for cowboy time and stuf from 1800. More like how the west was won. See many kinds of barbed wire here. But I did not stay long. It was over 100F inside and that is not funny to be there.

The biggest surprise for my was the visit at Harley  who owns the Sandhills Curiosity Shop. He is a real fun guy. He is a friend of Silke so I said hello for her. And he was very glad I did Silke.
Last stop in OK was the water hole 2 were I had a nice talk with to owner while have a Sprite to drink. It was a hot day again. Also this place is a must stop I think. My UK friend pasted by. Did not know what to see here I think. The paintings are very nice. The tiger I like the most.

Of course I saw the Phillips 66 Gas station still impressive to see. But many other buildings need to be restored too in this town. When entering Texas I knew a lot is I-40 byway driving. And sometime you have to drive 50 or more miles when you do not want to drive interstate 40 extra so I decided to do some interstate today. Also because I wanted to eat in the Big Texan. So I looked again at the schedule and drove to the bug ranch, the leaning water tower with Britten on it.  And then drove to the Big Texan were I arrived at 18.30.  Made some quick pictures and then booked a hotel.

In the evening I met my German friends, Family Gleuel from Hamburg who I met in Pontiac, at the Big Texan and we decide to eat together. They a both on a Harley driving 66 and have fun too. And no we did not go for the 72 ounce steak. I did a 21 ounce and that is big too.

Well what will I do today, see the combine ranch and then go to Palo Duro Canyon state park. I never was there and pictures in the route 66 group made me go there. And then on the way to  Tucumcari.

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