zaterdag 12 september 2015

Day 13 of Route 66 2015 from Albuquerque NM to Holbrook AZ

I had a wunderfull trip to Holbrook. In 2013 I drove a different route to see El Moro en did I not drove to Gallup. Now I choose the classic route 66. Although classic with also driving interstate and I am not fund of that but there is no alternative. But I drove Cubero Loop (old rte66) and the death mens curve. But let go to the start of the day.

I started the day with a sightseeing of Albuquerque. Visited the Route 66 diner, a highlight that I only saw from the outside because I was to early and they open at 11.00. And then I drove to the road runner statue outside the town.

A nice drive further to the Rio Grande Bridge were I tought what is so Grande here so see because there was a small river to see. In rain season it must be impressive but now it’s nothing compared to Dutch standards. The same I must say about the Rio Puerco Bridge. Not much river to see but it’s a nice bridge and the city had placed some statues around the 66 so I enjoyed my visit.

Then on the way to Gallup were I saw also a nearly ghost town Budville. Driving the old parts I have the impression that a lot of building are no longer in use because there is no business anymore. I visited the Continental Divide Indian Market were I bought my shirt to remember New Mexico and I was the only customer for 20 minutes and 3 people at work.  

The I came in Gallup and visited El Rancho Hotel were many famous movie stars stayed for a night.  Only the entrance is already very impressive to see. Entering the building gave me the feeling I walked into a western movie with my favorite start John Wayne. This is really a must visit when driving 66.

After Gallup I visited the Indian stores on old 66 like the Teeppe trading post. No pictures allowed inside but from the outside it’s very impressive. I bought, for my mother in law, the route 66 thimble here so one more to add to her collection. Saw Chee’s Indian store and had a Sprite there also a nice stop although I have to say every store sell the same stuff on the part of 66. Only the presentation is different.

And the most beautiful part of driving my dream route 66, the painted dessert and Petrified Forest. After paying an entrance fee off 5 dollar you can drive the road and sight-seeing of most the most amazing views.  Is a drive for around 40 km long. And after the 2 first stops I decided to let the helmet on the bag. Driving 30 mls. as top speed and let the wind play with my hair gave a wunderfull feeling and I must say the sightseeing brought back many good memories to this place.  So when driving route 66 this part of 66 may not be missed. It is to beautiful to be missed in your roadmap.

Then I drove to Holbrook a 30 km drive from the Forest over a nearly empty piece of land. I did visit shortly  Joe & Aggie’s cafe to make some pictures there. My sightseeing of Holbrook starts today. And of course today I will see 2 guns, twin arrows the meteor crater. A lot of more nice things to see like Walnut Canyon National Monument.

I will stay then 2 nights in Flagstaff and visit the Grand Canyon. My sister and her husband are ill so and had an emotional decision to make not visiting here because I cannot handle being ill on my trip. But Meiny I will see you next year in the Netherlands and at the wedding from Josh and Shannon.

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