donderdag 3 september 2015

Day 4 of Route 66 2015 from Springfield IL to St. Louis MI

Still not complete adapted to the US time zone I write my blog early in the morning instead of in the evening. Fall asleep at 22.00 to wake up at 5.

Well how did 66 go today? I saw Becky’s Barn. The owner I say to just leaving for a trip.
So it was closed but still a good place to visit. Made some pictures and had a nice chat with a Canadian couple on a Harley. When I drove a way there I had an problem with my boots. The sole came lose like in Budapest last year so I had to look out for a replacement or repair. But that comes later.

First what did I do and see more. Well drove the brick section of 66 after Becky.
Was surprised about the good road condition.  Saw also the Skyview Drive-In Cinema. For younger European people a what’s that question. Well go by car to the bios in open air and watch the movie in your car with your friends.

Made a visit to Country Classic Cars were they had over 500 classic in big barns ready to drive.
Even saw a Ford Mustang. But the price is for me to high. My Ford Focus will stay.

After that I saw the semi big rocker shortly before Henry’s Rabbit Rach. Yes he had rabbits to. But his fame come from the VW Rabbits who are planted in the ground like the Cadillac Ranch in Texas ( EU people the VW Golf is called here Rabbit) Henry was just planning to leave be he toke same time for me.
Nice to be back there.

And then I drove to the Antique Moll were the Muffler Man,  Pink Elephant and a classis Ice saloon is. The hall was filled with stuff I remember that my brothers and sisters and I trow away when cleaning the house of our past away parents. But the ice was great. The lady rembered Cees Vendel, who bought the present for his wife from Betty Boop here.
And they have two GIANTS. One boy with an ice cream and a Harley men. And I thought only drunk people see then but I saw it two a pink elephant.
It is a real must see this place I added to route 66 GPX files after my visit in 2013.

And then to the Chain of the Rock bridge were in 2013 it took me 3 hours to see both sides because the entrance to the interstate was close. Now I saw no bikers or other people. The a men on a bicycle came from the other side.
I asked him can I pass the opening on the other side with my bike and he sad yes. So I did what my dream tolled  me to do, I drove the bridge on the bike and it felt like a dream and thereafter I felt like a naughty boy who did what was not to be done. Drove the view point to the bridge to make some more picture of the beauty before leaving.

Then I visited World's Largest Catsup Bottle a site tour for me that I did not do in 2013 but it’s a must see to. And it is for sale now according the sign. I hope the new owner to be will let the bottle stay.

Then I called it a day and look for a place to stay. No wifi needed because I bought a pre-paid card from T-mobile that allows me to share the data with my other iPhone so works even on the street side. I am now for the second time in a Americans Best Values Inn next to Denny where I had my first real American T-bone steak with a real American salad with ranch dressing.  So a good meal for less.

Next place to visit is the Gateway Arch were I want to go up to see St. Louis from above.

Now how did I solve the boot problem I had. Well I was lucky when driving true Litchfield. The on 66 I saw a Honda and Yamaha dealer with a big shop. I bought there a new pair. But I was very glad I stopped there. 

Saw the Honda CTX 1300 with the same engine as the Honda ST1300 for the first time live. I did not see this bike in the EU. And yes they had classic bikes place high above. And there it was standing another dream bike a Honda CX650 turbo
in brand new condition. The sales man had no idea what he had standing there and why I was so excited to see it.

I had a Honda CX500turbo for 6 years. Just for having fun and having it. Technically it is a dream bike introduced in the year the a did my internship at Honda Netherlands. And that was the only bike I was not allowed to drive from the boss that time. And that makes it special for me to have and see this bike.

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