donderdag 17 september 2015

Day 18 of Route 66 2015 Needles to Barstow

This day I did not drive alone. Two German friends, a couple from Hamburg, who I met several times on my journey over Route 66 are driving with me. And today is dessert day on 66.

We started early on 9 to have some profits of lower temperature but also at 9 it was already 79F. The day highest temperature was 86 so much under the Missouri and Oklahoma temperatures we had.
First a little part on I-40 then to US95 and then to 66 but after Goff it was not possible to drive 66 further. Road was closed. I knew there were bridges flooded in spring but still closed I had not expected. So we did a turn to the interstate and the next exit we tried again.

Still closed but there was a road worker in a car so I asked is it possible or not on a motorcycles. He told they made roads around the bridges so at max 300 feet we would drive on a gravel road. And there was no water under the bridge floating. 

So we decided to give it a try and via Essex road we went back to 66. And indeed the road was almost only our road. No other cars except rail road workers used it. It felt good to drive over the dessert road of 66 again. And we had a good picture stop at the route 66 near the ruins of a painted wall. I Forgot the name of it so help me to remember please. We sat on the road put the bike in front and toke the time for some nice pictures.

Then we continued and in total we had 3 bridges to pass over a gravel bypass. No problems for us and we had a great drive to Roys were we must stop off course to see the place. It funny that the building of the motel looks good on the outside and also the rooms are looking good so with some effort it could reopen as a motel. Gass was 30% more expensive here and we did not need to fill up. Had a drink made the pictures and the drover further to Ludow. 

The road from 66 after Ludow was bad in 2013 when I drove with the BMW over is and now it was even worse. After 10 miles we took the I-40 again because we were shacked out enough. Next stop Bagdad Café famous because of the movie made there. Now it looked old and not clean anymore. So after a drink for me and Constance a hamburger for Stefan we drove further on 66 to Daggett and then to the “ghost town” Calico an old gold mine town in western style build now as a tourist attraction. 

This time there were no busses like in 2013 so we went in. A nice place to see and if there is time a must stop to do for 8 dollars entrée fee. When we left a family from Sweden just came on their rented Harley’s. Two daughter an dad and mum.  They started with the golden state tour and I gave them the advise we had form the road worker. Continue over 66 after Roys Cafe. Yes I could be a travel guide Constance already said. For me it is helping people to have fun.

We continued to Barstow on 66 and entered nearly a marine base build on old 66. I will adapt my files and also River Pilot files need to be adapting here to part interstate and then back to 66. Our journey together ended in Barstow at the museum were we meet again to continue to the Wig Wam hotel in San Bernardino. Off course we go to Victorville museum and the bottle tree ranch and Summit Inn

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