dinsdag 1 september 2015

Day 2 Chicago to Normal with a site trip Urbana

Well day two finished in Urbana were my nephew Josh and his future wife study. And the am I now and it is raining Cees. But I had very good wetter on my trip. Hot up to 92F so good to drive.
Started at the BMW dealer in Countryside were I rented the bike in 2013. Nice to be back. They had no time for oil change of the driveline so continue the trip.

Came at the with fence restaurant and unlucky me this was closed. Made some picture out site and continued.

And yes finaly I could see the blues brothers again. Had an ice cream and talked with the owner about route 66 and that I was happy that now Joliet is open for me. Everything was closed in 2013. Then went to the museum to see the things there. Also had a nice men working at the museum who made a picture of me and the blues brother.

And then to the gift shop to buy me a Joliet t-shirt. Surprised for me my face book friend Elaine left a message to the men what to give me for on the road to read.  Good to feel that people take care for me. Thanks Elaine!

The off to the race circuit of Joliet. The drag race strip I would like to see but could not come close. But made nice picture and talke witht the security. He never hearded off the big spender from Henk Vink with a triple Kawasaki engine who won many races when I was young. He is looking it up I am sure of that.

Drove to the  Gemini Giant at the Launch Pad Inn. Still closed but looking good.
Hope to eat there some day. Met 4 guys form Spain on a rented Harley who mad the picture for me. Always nice to have help from other Route 66 travelers.

The I came at the Polk A Dot Drive
in I missed this one in 2013. And met the same couple from Texas I saw in Joliet Museum. And of course they mad a picure of me and Elvis. The couple did Route 66 now buy car and where very fond of my ST1300.

Because it
was very hot I made a stop at the  Old Log Cabin Inn Restaurant to drink a coffee and water. Had a good talk with the lady there who is also on face book. Showed her my blog and she liked it very much. People are always surprised and very helpful when they see I travel alone.

Then to Pontiac where I came just for closing time. The lady let me in for some picure and sign the guest book. Here I met a German couple on a Harley doing Route 66.

I made them some pictures and the did me.  Because I needed to be on time before dark in Urbana I skipped some murals but not all. So beautiful to see that it a must come back for me.

And off course I now saw the two cell jail I missed in 2013 en the restaurant wagon there. Giving a good impression from the past on Route 66.

Then I started my trip to Josh and Shanon who I promised to come to. And yes real student home Meiny. And a nice girl Shanon is and a good match for Josh. We come to the marriage next year.

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