donderdag 10 september 2015

Day 11 of Route 66 2015 from Amerillo T to Tucumcari NM

Amarillo is the city of the Peterbilt dealer that helped me in 2013 and my hotel was near to them so I decided to make a visit to the dealer. And I came in the then manager already recognized me by clothing and face. And we had a nice chat about the past. He even could remember that he had a great deal when I helped them to solve an engine problem and they helped me to make a fitting for the TomTom on the BMW. After a hour I left to Palo Duro Canyon.

But first I had to see some more from Amarillo so I rode the 6th street were old 66 is a highlight. Visited Bob Lile shopped, called him but he was working as a driver guide so no visit of his shop. But 6th street has many artists to visit. I drove further to panhandle art gallery were the status are still in the garden.

They are so real looking that you could talk to them said a woman I already met at the Canyon and saw also later in Russels Museum. And I agree the children have a natural expression so good that I can see why they are happy.

Then further to the combine city outside Amarillo. Same problem as in 2013 some road works made the road longer. But I found it off course. Many route 66 travels do not see this point. I put it in my GPS files  to share the files so more people can see this.

Then I drove to the canyon Palo Dura a further away side trip but a must see when you are in Texas.  It costs you 5 dollar entry fee but that is worth it. So nice to see and so different from the grant canyon in Arizona. But look at the pictures I made they tell the story I cannot describe.
After this visit back to Amerillo to eat and drink and to see Amerillos other highlight the Caddilic ranch and his gift shop. Again the giant was gone for repairs. Seems to me that he is afraid for me because he was also gone in 2013.

Driving further a choice has to be made in going I-40 a driving a lot of miles in the wilderness of Texas. I-40 is old route 66 and has a frontage road. But after the Mid-Point there is no frontage road anymore and the you drive 100 miles extra to go to Glenrio. Because of that I choose after mid-point the interstate.

Mid-Point cafĂ© was closed. But I saw the bend door gas station that is in restauration. They only need more funding but it can be looking good. In fact is already better dan 2 year ago. At  Mid-Point I met a group from Switserland, 7 bikers men and woman who also are driving 66. The missed some highlight and I tolded them about Russels Truck stop. And there I saw them again.

Russels truck stop and car museum and gasstation / dinner is a must stop when you drive route 66. For me it is a symbol of the 60ties so pure in how it was built. I spoke with the son of the founder and he told me that every 4 month the cars change and that they had 106 cars. Even the car he had as a boy and were in he asked his wife to marry him was in the museum. But look at the pictures it is to beautiful that I have no more words for it. And next time stop there and say hello for me.
So after that is was already 19.00 I drove to Tucumcari over the I-40. 

And today I go to see this city with Tee Pee Curios and the  Blue Swallow Motel. And the via Santa Fee and Madrid to Albuquerque.

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